Winslow Homer


  • To look closely at the work of Winslow Homer so we can better understand who he is as an artist;

  • To learn how to describe, interpret, and evaluate works of art;

  • To create a relief sculpture that is inspired by the work and concepts of Winslow Homer.


Before you are given any instruction or background about Winslow Homer, please respond to the following, using a Google Doc. Title it, "Sense of Place, your name" and put it in your google doc shared folder:

"Explain what a sense of place means to you."


MAKING OBSERVATIONS: Make observations about the painting you are looking at. Please use the following form:

I notice, I wonder... document

You will write for approximately 5 minutes or until you are asked to stop.


HOMER ANALYSIS: study and analyze, through a series of in-depth questions, the painting that is before you. You will need to talk quietly with your partner as you do this. Click on the following link to access the questions:

Homer Analysis

Helpful link to keep in mind as you are working: Rules of Composition

Helpful Web Sites:

You are not limited to these web sites; if you find others that are helpful, please use them!
Portland Museum of Art
Winslow Homer Studio
Winslow Homer Collection at Bowdoin College Museum of Art sorry--Bowdoin's IT department is working on this one....
Homer at the National Gallery of Art
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
From the MET timeline