Stamping Clay


  • Work with positive and negative shapes on a 3D surface
  • Work with clay, rolling a slab, cutting a shape, creating a form over a rock, adding "feet"
  • Work with glazing on the clay.

Step One, Forming:

  1. Look at the work of ceramic artist David Bolton.
  2. Roll a small slab, using the rolling pin and the wooden guides.
  3. Carefully stamp your clay, being sure to match up the edges of your stamp.
  4. Determine and cut a shape to gently bend over a rock.
  5. Form and attach clay feet while your slab is on the rock.
  6. Smooth edges of slab and smooth in edges of clay feet.
  7. Leave on the rock until form is dry enough to hold its shape.

Step Two, Glazing:

  1. Wipe clay with damp sponge
  2. Choose glaze color and brush on two coats.
  3. When dry, run under faucet and gently sponge off the glaze that is sitting on the raised portions, creating contrast with the white clay and the color.
  4. Glaze the bottom of your bowl either the same or different color. Remember to glaze the edge!
  5. Clear glaze the patterned surface.
  6. Be sure bottom of feet are glaze free so they don't stick to the kiln shelf.
  7. Wash brush, put clay in kiln room.